2012 Feast of Tabernacles

Here are links to some videos from our September 2012 celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, featuring Rabbi Bruce Nieger from Seed of Abraham Messianic congregation in St. Louis Park, MN; other speakers for the conference were Robyn B., missionary from Chosen People Ministries in New York, NY; John Parsons, radio host for Christian Perspectives of Bemidji, MN; Reggie Kelly, author of blog site MysteryOfIsrael.org and conference speaker.

2012 Feast of Tab Sess1  Rabbi Bruce Neiger speaking on the significance of the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles.

2012 Feast of Tab Sess2  More from Rabbi Bruce Neiger.

2012 Feast of Tab Sess3  Reggie Kelly sharing things of Israel and the end times in a discussion session.

2012 Feast of Tabernacles Forum  Forum discussion with Rabbi Bruce Neiger, Reggie Kelly, guest panelist Adam Smith from Mt. Zion Church, and John Parsons moderating.  Questions such as “what will initiate the great falling away?” and “what did the seven thunders say in Rev. 10:4?”

We apologize that the sessions involving Robyn B. of Chosen People Ministries are not available; these sessions were not recorded, by the missionary’s request, due to the sensitive nature of her travels and work in various countries.