Mt Zion logoOur congregation invites you to assemble with us this Sunday to worship God, our Creator and the Savior of our souls.


We especially invite everyone to our annual celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.  In the Law of Moses, God’s people were instructed to gather together 3 times a year for the “feasts of the Lord” – Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.  The  main emphases of the Feast of Tabernacles were to remember how God provided in the wilderness journey, and to re-read and explain the Law on a regular basis.  The Church is, of course, under no obligation to keep the ceremonial provisions of the Law or make any day more special than another day.  However, we can freely choose to remember the feasts as a way to honor the Lord, especially since each of them has a significant relation to the ministry of Christ while He was on the earth, and the Feast of Tabernacles also has prophetic significance to the end times return of the Lord and final ingathering of His people.  So, as many as are willing, let us assemble to remember His goodness in our own lives this year, to feast on His Word, and to worship in His presence!

ChuckPortapicOct. 6-8 – Feast of Tabernacles/Prophetic Conference with Chuck Porta.
Friday, Oct. 6th – 7:00 pm
Sat., Oct. 7th – 10:00 am* and 7:00 pm
Sunday, Oct. 8th – 10:00 am.
*Reggie Kelly speaking Saturday morning.

Chuck Porta is a nationally known Bible teacher and conference speaker from Eden Prairie, MN; he seeks to stir up godliness and zeal in God’s people with messages of prophetic urgency.  In recent years he has organized and hosted an annual conference in Minneapolis for church leaders from many different denominations and movements to come together and seek to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in America today.

Photo_Reggie_KReggie Kelly is a widely consulted scholar of the prophetic scriptures concerning the end times.  He brings indepth analysis with a very careful, balanced approach to controversial topics, seeking to avoid excess, hysteria, and rabid fanaticism in favor of a sound, well-reasoned Biblical exegesis.

There will be coffee and snacks after each session.  Opportunity for prayer and personal ministry will be available after the Friday and Saturday evening sessions.

Our meetings are held in the big brick school building at 4th St. and Lincoln Ave. SE in Nymore, Bemidji.  Enter the main parking lot from Scott Ave. on the east side of the block or the new entrance from Lincoln Ave. on the west side, there should be plenty of parking space.  We hope you enjoy your time with us, and come away encouraged in the faith.

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