The Preaching Class Workshop

Preaching Class 2

Here are the links and handouts from a 12 week Preaching Class Workshop hosted at the Mt. Zion Media Center January 27-April 14, 2022.

NOTE: Digital copies of these resources in .pdf format are included below. They may be used and copied if shared without charge and used for the building up and equipping of the Body of Christ. If you are interested in hosting a PCW or would like more information, feel free to contact Jeff Sullivan,

This unique class/workshop combines The Preaching Class lectures of John Piper (see link below) with in-depth discussion and the hands-on participation of a Toastmasters style format. Whether you’re a seasoned preacher or just beginning your journey, this class will help enrich, inform and inspire your calling and faithfulness. This 12 week course meets for about one hour per week. Each session we watch and discuss two of the Piper lectures as well as participate in a variety of workshop type exercises. Most lectures are about 10 minutes.

A sample of exercises to participate in: ¨ Briefly expound an inspiring verse that encourages/exhorts. ¨ Share a testimony, personal or otherwise, with scripture. ¨ Answer an impromptu question. ¨ Give a mini sermon, receive constructive feedback.

The Preaching Class Video Series by John Piper

There are 31 John Piper video lectures in The Preaching Class series. We watch and discuss 23 or 24 of these lectures during our 12 week course.  The complete playlist by John Piper is available free on line here:


Handouts from The Preaching Class Workshop

NOTE: These resources are a supplement of short bulletins that were added by Jeff Sullivan to the lectures and discussions. Some are quotes from Piper’s book Expository Exultation and directly pertain to the lecture topics; some are more general and pertain to public speaking and presentation topics or other scriptural topics. These are not published or endorsed by John Piper. They are offered merely as supplemental tools for the purpose of this workshop.

Teachings and Workshops:

Other Graphics Used in this 12 Week Course:

2022 Preaching Class

Preaching Class

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